tisdag 11 december 2012

One - Beo

We start here, at the beginning. I had already played for five years when I began running Arcana Unearthed, but Breath of the Ancestors turned out to be a very different sort of game – one that had the lofty goal of exploring the human condition. It did so partly through the story, but primarily through the characters. Beo was an interesting case.
An orphan and runethane apprentice, Beo had been forcefully transformed into a mojh, a genderless reptilian – and also carried the dormant mind of Xethar Ar'Nuade, the Sleepwalker, bound with an unbreakable rune inside him. Beo's struggle was one of freedom – freedom from Xethar, freedom from his reptilian form, and ultimately, freedom from destiny itself. A very tragic hero, Beo destroyed everything he held dear yet kept on fighting out of a sense of responsibility. Beo was, basically, the first roleplaying character I'd seen with a rich and complex inner life, one whose dulled emotions were gradually replaced with oaths and responsibilities, yet whose very fundamental struggle was one of liberation. He was a revolutionary, both in the story and in terms of how I've come to view roleplaying games.
Beo is an iconic character. He is the epitome of his creator's style, a conflicted and tragic hero whose weaknesses are far more interesting than his strengths.
Beo had many cool moments, but I think my favourite may yet be his final confrontation with the Council of Dragons, in which he denied them dominion over the world out of sheer spite. They offered him everything he wanted, but he turned them down simply because he really, really, really hated those guys – and in doing so, saved the world. Or possibly doomed it; we never actually found out.

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Sorry about that, but thanks for doing this. It's always great when people give kudos to your characters.

Are you writing one for each player? If not, I hope you got more of mine in the future :)